About Ciro

Miroslav Ciro Blazevic’s existence in football and social life – not only in his homeland Croatia, but around Europe and the world – is incredibly reminiscent of the energy of a great meteor that leaves behind a blazing trail and explodes in contact with the ground, leaving nobody indifferent. We will remember this impact for the rest of our lives.

This meteor, that people from all over the world affectionately call Ciro, has woven an additional dimension into our lives. Few people we meet can do that.

Yes, Ciro has given us the joy of life, he introduced us to the poetry of sports. He is a wizard in society, an artist who has proven that sport imitates real life.


He has won the hearts of millions, who want to get close to him, touch him, be around him, listen to him… Try walking through any of the world’s capitals with Ciro. Or even the backwoods of our beautiful planet. Whichever you do…

You will have to stand aside because people will literally run over to be in his company and stick to his moments like magnet sticks to iron. And Ciro will never turn anybody away; he will find a word for everyone, a sentence, a gift, a smile. He knows very well what people’s needs are.

When he was still winning us over, at the beginnings of his impressive coaching career, many of us thought that our lives had been entered by an unparalleled actor. Boy, were we mistaken. The more time passed, the warmer our hearts beat for Ciro’s heart; we began to feel and think like him. This was the artistic symbiosis between the creator and his audience, the artist and his critics – even though in a literal sense it was a relationship between the coach and football fans.

The acclaim Ciro Blazevic received from the head coaches of all representations playing in the 1998 World Cup in France – when Croatia took its first steps in world football and came close to becoming world champion – say it all loud and clear. This acclaim was a title: “the coach of all coaches”.


That is unmistakably true. The coach of all coaches. That’s what Ciro Blazevic is; a child of our homeland Croatia, but the owner of a charisma that belongs to the whole world. Because, wherever the meteor named Ciro worked, he shone, stormed loudly and made every one of us better. Some people you simply never forget. One of them is our Ciro.

We, who are lucky enough to work with him, spend time with him, rejoice and mourn with him, live and contemplate the world with him, are happy to know him. “Ciro Blazevic has enriched all our lives. I am happy to have met that man,” said Alen Boksic once.

But our opinion is shared by millions of people in Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Switzerland, Germany, France, England, China, Iran, Australia, Canada, the USA… Everyone feels close to him. Because Ciro genuinely loves people.

The Ciro Blazevic Team